Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Growing Kids

Our little Lillian brings us lots of happiness.  This morning she was up before the boys, so I brought her back to bed with me for a cuddle.  I yawned, and she looked at me with a puzzled look and then opened her mouth as wide as she could - little cutie!!

Stockton has been learning poems at pre-school and says them with great expression.  A couple of our favorites are:

Pussy Willow Kittens

Pussy willow kittens are drowsy sleepy heads
Lying with their paws on their little willow heads
If ever one should waken and stretch and meow
There would soon be lively kittens on every purry bow


Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose
Along came a bunny and what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny, looking for his lunch
Ate the snowman's carrot nose, nibble nibble crunch



Some girls and boys I know, have freckles on their faces
Their noses and their cheeks, and lots and lots of places
I wish that I had freckles too, for everyone to see
I wonder what I have to do, to have them land on me


Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving Day and we have a treat
There are so many yummy things to eat
Tom Turkey is on the table, just waiting to be carved
I hope my dad soon does it, for goodness sakes I'm starved


Apples and Pears

If apples were pears and peaches were plums
And the roses had a different name
If tigers were bears and fingers were thumbs
I'd love you just the same



I'm so happy, I could climb a tree
Stand on my head and kiss a bumblebee
Swim across the ocean and ask a worm to play
Why? Because I made a new friend today

Logan is right on the edge of becoming a young man.  He still sleeps with his "cold blanky" that Grandma Wainwright made for him as a baby, and he still loves lining up his stuffed animals in his bed and sleeping with him.  We know these days are numbered, and we're grateful for him and his innocence.

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Steve Wainwright said...

As I read the poems, I heard them all said aloud in Stockton's voice. He is distinctive. Pretty soon he'll be rattling of Tyger, Tyger...

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